Technology Acoustic type
Unit of measure User definable (Metric/Imperial (US))
Interface language English
Material All weather resistant ABS + PU & Splash Proof
Sensor Interface UART
Security GPS*
Telemetry & Dashboard
Data communications GPRS/GSM
Data visualization - Graphs & list view of data collected
- Analytical tools for trend analysis
- Location of wells on Google maps
User configurable features - Sub user roles and accessibility
- Frequency setup*
- Remote triggering*
Data download options - CSV and xlsx format
- Reports
Depth measurement
Minimum Depth 3 m (10 ft)
Maximum Depth Upto 200m (1000 ft)
Overall Accuracy 0.1% FSO
Resolution 0.001m
Measurement Frequency
1. Fixed measurement frequency version 2 times a day
2. Variable measurement frequency version* Min: 1 hour
Max: User Defined Manual Remote Trigger
Calibration method Factory calibrated
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60 °C
Power Supply - Primary cell version
Battery Type Non-rechargeable Lithium battery pack
Battery Life over 2 years of operation
Power supply - Solar powered version
Pre-Supplied Battery Li – Ion: 8.4 V, 3000 mAH
Charging Solar panel* or AC line power
Power supply Adaptor 12V, 3A AC to DC
Solar panel > 20W
Power Consumption (max) 2.5 W

*Available on demand